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WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App has been made available for download in India. Just a few days ago, WhatsApp announced a new business app. Which is a free app for small businessmen. Initially, this app was made available in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK, and US. Now, this app has also been made available in India.

It has been made available through Google Play Store. However, it is currently made available only for Android users.

These features are in the WhatsApp Business App:

Business Profile: It will provide the customers with the necessary information such as Business Decision, E-mail, or Store Address, and Website.

Messaging Tools: This tool will give quick answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, customers will also give welcome messages in the context of business.

Messaging Statistics: It will review the number of messages read such as a simple matrix.

WhatsApp Web: This feature will make WhatsApp Business available on the desktop.

Account Type: This will list the business account to the businessmen. So that the customers can understand that they are talking to the businessman. Some traders will also have confirmed accounts. When their account phone numbers match with business phone numbers.

Users who are already WhatsApp users can also create a WhatsApp business account. But after that they will not be able to use standard WhatsApp. Also while setting the app, WhatsApp asks users to create a business profile. But once created, the business profile cannot be changed.

According to a recent report by Morning Consult Study, more than 80 percent of small merchants in India and Brazil told WhatsApp that it helps them communicate better with customers through the app, and WhatsApp’s business products can easily reach people in a normal audience Will help to reach.

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