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Animated Text Reaction Feature Coming to Instagram

Animated Text Reaction Feature Coming to Instagram

Facebook has recently made Instagram’s messaging service like Messenger. The logo has also been changed. Now a new feature is being tested in it.

Facebook has made several major changes in its Instagram app continuously for some time. Many new features have been found in Instagram and the Venetian mode is also about to come.

Instagram’s inbox has been completely changed. With the addition of new colors, now cross messages have also been featured in the inbox of Instagram. Instagram and Messenger have also been merged.

Meanwhile, Instagram is testing another new feature. This feature is for animated text in Instagram messages. Under this, users will be able to animate and send a text.

A Twitter user named Satyam Sinha has shared a short video on Twitter. In this video, the option of the new animation message reaction can be seen with the message.

After typing the text in the message box, many different animated reactions will appear as soon as you tap on the search icon. Any of them can be selected and sent. After sending, you will be able to see the animation around that text in the inbox.

This feature has not been told by the company. Some time ago, the company had given the feature of flying heart reaction on Instagram. Under this, the message of Instagram could be reacted with Flying Heart.

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