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NPCI approval to WhatsApp Payment in India

NPCI approval to WhatsApp Payment in India

WhatsApp Payment / Facebook Pay: Now the way of payment on WhatsApp has been cleared in India. NPCI has allowed WhatsApp to launch UPI based payment service.

WhatsApp has been allowed to launch UPI based WhatsApp payment service in India. For the past few years, Facebook was constantly talking to the Indian government to launch WhatsApp Pay here.

WhatsApp Payment has also been tested in India and some users have also got this feature as a test. Although permission has been received from NPCI, it is initially capping to register 20 million users.

According to the report, the National Payment Corporation of India. NPCI has allowed WhatsApp to launch UPI based system in India and said that it should be done in phases. A press release has also been released by NPCI.

NPCI said in a press release that WhatsApp has been approved by Go Live for the payment system. Since WhatsApp was waiting for approval and the company has already tested it, the payment option will soon be available on WhatsApp.

According to NPCI, WhatsApp can expand its UPI user base in a graded manner. For this, the maximum user base can be 20 million.

WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in India. Initially, the company has been allowed to have a 20 million UPI user base, but later it can be expanded to the graded manor.

Paytm founder has been opposing WhatsApp Pay

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has been opposing WhatsApp Pay. They say that it is not safe and it will cause more fraud.

Since the user base of WhatsApp in India is quite large and in such a situation, Paytm is expected to get direct competition from it.

WhatsApp Pay or Facebook Pay?

Significantly, a few months ago, Facebook Pay was announced. This unified payment system is for every platform of Facebook. Now it is not clear whether Facebook Pay will be supported in WhatsApp or whether the company will launch a service in India under the name of WhatsApp Pay.

The thing to note is that there is nothing called WhatsApp Pay. UPI-based payments will be made through WhatsApp and for this WhatsApp will not bring any separate app.

At present, there is no statement related to this from WhatsApp. We have contacted WhatsApp and will tell you about it as soon as we get the update.

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