WhatsApp chats will disappear by themselves, company told how this feature will work

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A new and interesting feature is coming in the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp. This feature is such that under which the messages sent will disappear. This will be different from Delight for Everyone.

WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page which mentions this feature. It is clear from this that this new feature will soon start being found in everyone’s phone.

How will Disappearing Message work?

According to WhatsApp, users can send Disappearing Messages by enabling Disappearing Message on WhatsApp.

After enabling this feature, messages sent to a group or to an individual contact will disappear within 7 days. This will not be for selected messages but for all messages.

According to WhatsApp, old messages will not be affected by this. Users can enable or disable this feature by themselves in individual chats, but only those admins in the group will be able to enable or disable it.

According to WhatsApp, even if a user does not open WhatsApp for 7 days, the sent messages will disappear. However, preview of WhatsApp message can be seen in the notification.

It is important to note that those messages will not disappear if the Disappearing Message is forwarded. Even if the backup of the message was taken before it disappeared, the messages will still be stored in the backup.

Under this feature, not only the text will disappear, but the media files will also disappear after sending. According to the company, media files sent in WhatsApp such as photos and videos will also disappear. However, if your phone has auto download turned on, then the gallery will also be saved.

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