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How to install WordPress in localhost

How to install WordPress in localhost

WordPress has become very popular with people. Today, a third of the world’s websites are being developed on the WordPress platform.

One reason for this is that many things have been already developed in WordPress. So it is easy for the developer to develop a website on WordPress. WordPress has been made so easy that any developer can easily create a website.

Before installing WordPress we have to

  • Download XAMPP or WAMP
  • Install & Run the XAMPP or WAMP on Your PC
  • Download WordPress Latest Version
  • Create a Database

After doing all this, we will go to our system where we have installed XAMPP or WAMP. In this folder, we will see a folder name htdocs or www, now we have to go under that folder. Inside htdocs or www, we need to create a folder related to our project. Like (test1, test2, etc.).

Step 1:-

First Open your server XAMPP or WAMP. After that start the apache and MySQL. For this, you can see our screenshot.

Step 2:-

After this, we have to download the latest version of WordPress. For this, you can go to the official site of WordPress. You can download direct WordPress by clicking here. After opening it you will see a button of Download WordPress. You have to click on this button and download the latest version of WordPress.

Step 3:-

After downloading WordPress, you have to move its zip file into your favorite folder. That you have created inside htdocs or www. As you can see in the screenshot too. After moving the zip file of WordPress, We have to extract the file on it like the screenshot shown.

Step 4:-

After that, you create a database as you like. To create a database in localhost, you must open typing http://localhost in your browser’s URL. After opening it, you will see the page as a screenshot.

Step 5:-

Once the page is open, you have to click on PHPMyAdmin. After that, you can create a new database by clicking on new.

Step 6:-

After creating the database you have to open the URL of your project in your browser. Like (http://localhost/test). Now follow the screenshot below.

Step 7:-

Step 8:-

Now here you have to enter the name of the database that you just created. In localhost, by default, the username is root and password blank. If you set another username and password in your localhost then you enter this username & password. Otherwise, you can keep the user name root and password blank. As shown in the screenshot

Step 9:-

Step 10:-

Here you can set all the fields as you wish. Then click on the Install WordPress.

Step 11:-

Step 12:-

Here you can admin login to the WordPress site which is created by you after installing WordPress. Please open your website name and add /wp-admin like (http://localhost/test/wp-admin) or click the button you see above screenshot.

 login wordpress

Step 13:-

Wordpress dashboard

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